Owner Produced Program

At Premier, we take pride in our ability to provide you with high quality replacement parts for your aircraft at a lower cost and with quicker lead times than our competitors. However, the process in which we are required to go through in order to certify our parts with the FAA and obtain a PMA is often time-consuming. It is because of this that we now offer owner supplied parts manufacturing or, as we call it, the Owner Produced Program.


Here’s how the Owner Produced Program works:


Our Owner Produced Program allows you to work with us in getting a replacement part that you need, but that you cannot find on our website. If you have an OEM part that needs replaced, but you cannot find it in our PMA or PMA Pending parts, check to see if it’s on our hunt list below, and then send an email to containing the Make and Model of the aircraft, the OEM part number (if known), and three pictures of the part from various perspectives. Our engineering team will evaluate the part and get back to you within two business days to let you know if we can work with the part, and details on the costs and lead times for production. These parts can be damaged or broken. It is also important to note that the part needs to be an OEM product as we cannot work with aftermarket products from non-OE manufacturers and that parts typically take more than a week to produce and a few days for shipping.


If you approve the proposal, you will send the damaged part to us and we will begin the production process. Once the part is completed and verified in Quality Control, we will send your new part to you for FREE and/or up to $250.00 of store credit (depending on the part cost and freight) toward any additional PMA approved parts we make that you need (valid for one year). This new part will be trimmed and ready to install in your aircraft (you can request it not to be trimmed if that is your preference.) A sales team member will reach out to you again to make sure the part fits in the aircraft correctly and to see if you need any further assistance.


If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the program give us a call and we would be happy to address them.



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